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How Do You Build a Luxury Bathtub?

Find out what goes into a BainUltra bathtub.

A Well-Being Break on a Busy Street

Even in the middle of a busy street you can take a break and recharge.

Imagine Your Bathroom Design with BainUltra

Picture a simple, uncluttered space, with a programmable air-jet bath and a Verdana® therapeutic care unit.


ThermoMasseur with Geysair®: The Best Massage a Bath Can Give®.

Akasa® Complementary Products

Discover BainUltra’s unique line of complementary items, specifically designed and manufactured to help you derive more benefits from your therapeutic care sessions.

BainUltra $25,000 Remodel Contest Winners

BainUltra ran a $25,000 bathroom remodel contest. Meet our winners and their wonderful home.

Geysair® Technology

BainUltra, the pioneer and inventor of the air-jet bath, presents its most recent technological.

Geysair® Technology

Geysair’s state-of-the-art technology warms and humidifies air jets for maximum comfort.

Why buy a BainUltra ThermoMasseur bath?

This short video presents the advantages of buying a BainUltra ThermoMasseur bath.

BainUltra at Designing Spaces

This video presents the BainUltra «Insperience Bathroom» at Designing Spaces.

Insperience Bathroom®

Your versatile Insperience Bathroom is the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Illuzio by BainUltra

Meet ILLUZIO, a new Chromatherapy system exclusive to BainUltra! Imagine a sleek, pristine bath...

Water is Life

Bathing in Luxury and Wellness.