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Vedana is a Sanskrit and Pali word meaning “sensation.” In Buddhist culture, it refers to the state where we become conscious of our connection with the universe and of the communion of the physical and mental being.

The Vedana care unit is a singularly unique product category that can transform your bathroom – that most utilitarian of spaces – into a special place dedicated to improve your overall health. Vedana allows you to incorporate new therapeutic products so you can indulge in daily personal rituals for relaxation, health and well-being.

The Vedana combines 5 therapies (Thermotherapy®, Chromatherapy, Light Therapy®, Aromatherapy and Sound Therapy®) in a single unit. Therapies can be enjoyed independently or combined for a powerful experience to change users’ emotional state.

Vedana grouping five therapies. The treatment unit invites the transformation of the bathroom - utility space.

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Real daily benefits

Vedana® combines the best spa technologies and therapeutic techniques. That means luxury care equal to the world’s best wellness establishments, at only a fraction of the cost. With Vedana, that special care you deserve is yours to be savored every day.


The system can reach and maintain 175ºF (80ºC), the temperature recommended for authentic dry-heat Thermotherapy®.

Usage: Manual activation with the Mia Plus control. Sessions typically run from 5 to 15 minutes.

Dry heat stimulates your metabolism. You start to sweat. Your muscles loosen up and your whole body relaxes. Your spirit soars.

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Chromatherapy is defined as a treatment that uses the effect of color on the body to bring about changes.

Six colors are available – blue, violet, red, orange, yellow and green – to help transport you to an environment that’s stimulating or soothing.

Vedana diffuses colors in precise wavelengths that maximize the benefits of your therapeutic care, in accordance with your needs at a given moment.

Suddenly, color completely inhabits your space. It is so present you can feel it. It surrounds you. It transforms you. Its energy revitalizes, stimulates and calms you. It feels good.

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Light Therapy®

With its precision Litebook® technology, Vedana is the cutting edge in terms of light intensity, wavelength and range.

Daily exposure to light influences the cycle that regulates the production of serotonin and melatonin, two essential hormones to physical and psychological balance.

A daily 10 minute light therapy session can have a remarkably energizing effect.

Light Therapy® revitalizes your whole being; it’s the natural way to compensate for a lack of exposure to the sun and its beneficial rays. It resets your internal clock and keeps away the blues.

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The aromatherapy system operates with an essential-oil nebulizing diffuser, the most authentic and effective method available.

When diffused, distilled essential oils enter the bather’s respiratory system and reach the circulatory and lymphatic systems, where they interact with cells to promote healing.

Just a few drops of essential oil are enough to relax and revitalize. Their fragrances soothe and energize while their benefits affect your whole body. It’s a moment of pure delight that simply and naturally reestablishes harmony between body and soul.

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Sound Therapy

The Vedana sound system totally surrounds you, covering up any other audible frequencies, and offers an exquisite sound experience.

Only Vedana combines 5 therapies (Thermotherapy®, Chromatherapy, Light Therapy®, Aromatherapy and Sound Therapy®) in a single unit. Therapies can be enjoyed independently or combined for a powerful experience to change users’ emotional state.

The sound carries you away. Sound Therapy veils all ambient noise, enveloping you with sound so you live in the moment, in the total wellness experience you crave.

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The care unit: Vedana combines the best of therapeutic techniques (five therapies) at home. You will have access to high-quality care worthy of the best health centers in the world, for a fraction of the price.


21 x 80 x 9 ½


Vedana: the care unit relaxing bathrooms

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Vedana the care unit: white color



Vedana the care unit: cookie color



The Vedana Music

Bainultra sound




Installation: Wall-mounted.

Format: 21" X 80" X 9 ½"

Vedana’s architectural dimensions allow for installation flexibility; it can be easily adapted for mounting in a shower stall, or in rooms ranging in size from 120 to 280 cu. ft., to take advantage of dry heat therapy.