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VIBE™ is a collection of therapeutic bathtubs with minimalist and contemporary flair. The collection is perfect for urban city dwellers who want to bring value and refinement to smaller bathrooms.

Vibe 5828 Freestanding

© VIBE 5828 Freestanding


Get Original

The VIBE collection is the first offering from BainUltra’s urBAIN category to address the needs of younger, sophisticated bathers. Inspired by the city skyline and architectures of cosmopolitan cities, you can feel miles away from the streets below as you rest your mind, body and spirit in an expertly crafted bath.

Designed to fit in smaller installations without compromising the quality, comfort and ergonomics of a therapeutic bath. VIBE helps create an urban oasis of sensual therapies that allows the bather to recharge. The clean lines, pure design and sloping walls bring class, sophistication and style to even the smallest of spaces.

Get Healthier

VIBE™ allows you to take a moment for yourself, to recharge and help heal your mind and body. Hydro-thermo massage® helps ease back pain, increases circulation, reduces tension and stress as it helps the body heal and eliminate toxins. Add Illuzio® chromatherapy to change your state to help energize, calm, rebalance and recharge. Without taking time regularly to disconnect from the world and heal yourself, you have less energy, focus and drive to live your best life.

Get Innovative

BainUltra’s VIBE™ therapeutic baths are offered in the Thermomasseur (with Geysair® hot air system) and in the TUB category to which you can add Illuzio chromatherapy and WarmTouchShell thermotherapy technologies.

Get Empowered

Engage life with enthusiasm and improve your well-being. There is a VIBE just for you, one to help you relax and recharge.

The contemporary design of the VIBE Collection will make a statement in any setting.

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Bainultra Vibe freestanding bathtub


Bainultra Vibe® freestanding bathtub to match the perfect vibe


Bainultra Vibe freestanding bathtub